If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Old Proverb

Ottawa Independent Companions’ goal is to foster a sense of community among local independent sex workers, and provide a warm and welcoming space to collectively organize with other professional workers in our industry. Independent sex work can be isolating, and we believe that our collective power is more valuable when we work together, than when we work alone. OIC is run entirely for-and-by sex workers ourselves.

To stay connected with each other we use a professional online private members-only platform called Slack, as our central hub for communications. This is where we connect on industry related issues, discuss OIC activities and matters, nurture social networks and support systems, and cultivate safety structures. As members of OIC, we always conduct ourselves in accordance with our Statement of Values, both with our clients and with our colleagues.

Ottawa Independent Companions

Statement of Values

Ottawa Independent Companions’ Statement of Values was created collaboratively by the founding members of OIC and is always open for discussion and changes by our members as we grow, progress and evolve as a collective. All members must wholeheartedly agree to abide by the following:

• Behave respectfully and conscientiously in our interactions with others
• Strive to support one another, reduce isolation, share information, share resources, and work collaboratively on issues that affect our day-to-day working lives
• Encourage diversity in all forms within the collective (race, background, gender identity, ability, etc)
• In our advertising and provision of services we do not discriminate on the basis of race
• Respect confidentiality, privacy, and discretion as being vital for all members of this collective and our clients
• Respect the autonomy that every provider has over their own brand, work, and protocols.
• Recognize that OIC goes beyond an advertising platform. The advertising platform is a secondary benefit to OIC members, but not our primary goal as a collective
• Ottawa-based members should participate in on-going conversations about the direction of the collective, checking in on our members-only platform a minimum of once per week to stay up-to-date on collective matters
• We stand in solidarity with other sex workers and do not publicly shame, humiliate, or comment negatively on the business practices of other providers in semi-private or public forums. For example, we do not post negatively about a member, or non-member’s website, photos, appearance, attitude, marketing, etc
• We freely give references to other members and non-members in the name of safety, regardless of our personal feelings for them, and we do not exhibit possessiveness or jealousy about our clients when they see other providers

Member Services

Together, we are able to provide our members with a continually growing list of practical and helpful services, including:

• A private members-only central communications hub for information and resource sharing, networking, social interaction, and safety strategies
• An emergency fund for members experiencing financial hardship
• A list of bad dates, habitual time wasters, and general warnings about who to avoid
• An optional safety check-in mechanism to document your whereabouts when meeting with clients
• Subsidized psychotherapy for members that have had a negative experience and would not otherwise be able to afford to see a therapist
• A weekly martial arts class with a specific focus on self-defense
• Members-only social functions to reduce isolation and make new industry friends
• Various workshops, on topics including accounting, safer-sex practices, website design and development, marketing, and community building
• An advertising platform and social media platform to amplify the voices of members

Becoming A Member

We enjoy welcoming new members who share our values, and we are always open to growing our community. We encourage diversity within our collective and eagerly embrace companions of all races, religions, ages (18+), backgrounds, genders, and gender presentations.

In order to maintain a certain level of security within the collective, and to ensure that all members are aligned with our values, potential new members must receive a referral from an existing member. If no such referral is available, providers will be screened online and then in person, and admitted by the OIC organizing committee. We are entirely Ottawa focused, but companions based in nearby cities who regularly travel to Ottawa and have ties to OIC may be eligible to join on a ‘Visiting Companion” membership basis.

If you think you’d be a good fit for our collective, contact us and introduce yourself. Please tell us a bit about yourself, what your current status in the industry is, your past experience, why you are interested in joining our community and what you think you can contribute to our collective.

OIC For Clients

For clients, we offer a place to find local companions who are guaranteed to be who we say we are, who are consistently discreet in our interactions and who always act in a professional manner. OIC is a community of local independent companions and our membership is comprised of people of all races, religions, ages (18+), backgrounds, genders, and gender presentations. Our group consists of escorts, erotic massage attendants, and BDSM/fetish providers. Beautifully diverse in the experiences that we each provide, every member of our collective will offer you an unforgettable and exciting erotic experience.

We prioritize anti-discrimination in the work we do, only asking that members behave in accordance with our Statement of Values. We are not an agency, and no one benefits from the labour of our members, apart from themselves. Ottawa Independent Companions is run entirely for-and-by sex workers ourselves.

The photographs of our members are guaranteed to be authentic, since another member of the collective verifies each companion that joins our group. All members have their own screening procedures and regulations, and all members host guests either from their own private space in Ottawa (incall) or prefer to be brought to your upscale Ottawa hotel room or home (outcall).

We also host social events a few times a year for clients and companions to get together and mingle.

Thank you for your support!

Ottawa Independent Companions
Ottawa Independent Companions